I am a Data Scientist at CoreLogic Australia where I spend a lot of my time building

  1. SOTA algorithms to predict house and rental prices across all of Australia and NZ for over 16 million properties
  2. Some pretty cool stuff using Deep Learning that I possibly can’t share here

I have a passion for deep learning, thanks to Jeremy Howard who made it possible for me through fast.ai to begin my journey in this space at the start of 2018.

I am self taught, and an ardent follower of and small contributor to the fast.ai course. Through this course itself, I have been able to pickup Python and it has made possible for me to do my own research - something I would have not thought of being able to do when I first started. I believe I still have a lot to learn and commit myself to learning something new every day.

I also fimly believe in giving back to the community and in that attempt, also run a meetup group called Applied Data Science.

The focus in this blog is on writing code as much as it is on explaining the concepts in theory. I wish to write and explain everything as clearly as possible using code examples.

If you feel that any of these ideas can be expressed in a better way, I am very happy to receive constructive feedback. Please feel free to reach out to me via twitter.